132 Broad St. N
Regina, SK S4R 2X4
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Unique Garden Centre
132 Broad St. N.
(6th Ave. North & Broad St.)
Regina, SK
Winter Office and Mailing Address
467 Broad St. N.
Regina, SK S4R 2X8
    306-789-1010    info@uniquegardencentre.com

Please allow 36 hours for an email response to your inquiry. If you include your phone numbers we can offer a quicker and more thorough reply.

Hours of Operation

April 20 - 30th - Daily (9am - 5:00pm)
May - July - Daily (9am - 8:30pm); (open May Victoria Day)
July 1 - Closed
August - Monday - Friday (9am to Dusk); Saturday & Sunday (9am - 6pm) (closed on statuatory holiday)
September - Monday - Saturday (9am to 6pm); Sunday (10am - 6pm); (closed on statuatory holiday)
October - Daily (9am to 5:30pm); Sunday (noon - 5:30pm); (closed on statuatory holiday)

(306) 777-0190| info@uniquegardencentre.com| 132 Broad St. N, Regina, SK S4R 2X4